Diving activities

Escola Galega de Mergullo (FEDAS)

Scuba diving courses

These courses aim about the technique of diving with scuba or amateur. Titles SCHOOL NATIONAL SPORTS Scuba Diving (ENBAD), dependent SPANISH FEDERATION Underwater (FEDA) belonging to the Consejo Superior SPORT and integrated into the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS), valid worldwide.

Diver 1 star

Taught theoretical and practical to move safely into the water and scuba diving. This title qualifies for diving autonomous sports to the depth of 20 m. The course consists of 5 lectures and 10 practical sessions, of which 5 are usually in the pool and the other five on Tues. Classes of 90 minutes, with a total of 20 hours of training about.

Diver 2 stars

Also called 2nd class
Authorizes the diver up to 40m. deep.
The course consists of seven lectures and 11 practical sessions, of which 6 are usually in the pool and the other five on Tues. Within this course include night diving. Classes of about 120 minutes, with a total of 40 hours of training about. For this title shall be in possession of B1E (diver grape Star)

Discover Scuba Diving

It is an activity that aims to discover and enjoy the underwater world by providing the potential fans a new space, eliminating taboos, and presenting flora and fauna. It lasts 4 hours, for over 12 years. It consists of a theoretical class and another of water, indulging with official certificate.


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